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Not your everyday run of the mill gym, but there is something for everyone who craves real results. 


MetroflexMke caters to those who train and train hard.  We allow only the best trainers that specialize in both men and women's bodybuilding, fitness, physique, powerlifting, nutrition, teens athletics, strength conditioning, and just overall good health. 


Whatever your age, whatever your fitness level, we can help you reach your goals. All we need is you. When you are ready to get serious in training and want a serious gym to train in, check out MetroflexMke. ​

At MetroflexMke, our environment is hardcore. Energy and intensity remain charged, providing a workout experience that's hard to find at any of today's typical health clubs. We use chalk, grunt, play real gym music, and have an amazing time in the process. We understand that our gym is not for just anyone. Our gym is for those gym junkies who want to feel the iron in their hands, the aches from sore muscles, and the sweat dripping from a super hard and intense workout. You'll find training at MetroflexMke to be invigorating, addicting and the most rewarding workout of your life.


Just $50 a month, no contracts. Only 30 day cancellation. Training price is separate and dependent on the trainer.




MetroflexMke is a warehouse gym that blares the music so we don't care if you GRUNT, because we cant hear you anyways!


A no frills, no fluff, no nonsense gym catering to those who want results.


Rather you choose to compete or just be fit, the knowledge and experience  you will discover at MetroflexMke will give you the path to find the results you have been searching for. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 8.09.30 AM.png

But be forewarned, MetroflexMke is not your average gym. MetroflexMke is dedicated to keeping the raw, hardcore gym atmosphere alive. We don't have steamy saunas and latte bars but we do have a hardcore gym where people train hard to be the best they can be. MetroflexMke was built by a fitness/bodybuilding enthusiast who lives the life. Clients here don't pay to stand around and talk like at a social club, they pay for the atmosphere that gives them the drive to reach their goals!​

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